Domain Envy
Home Celestial Court
Parentage Asrel
Siblings Slangg
Priest Colours Black
Holy Day
31st Fire (2nd Man's Harvesting)[1]
13th Locking (17th Land's Sleeping)[2]

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Tanit is the goddess of Envy. [3]


She is the sister of Slangg. It is thought that she is the daughter of Asrel. Tanit is always portrayed as an exceptionally beautiful woman. However, despite this her mother's beauty outshines her own. Thus Tanit grew up constantly in the shadow of her mother, never being fully appreciated by other deities. For this reason she fostered a hatred borne by envy. Her hatred was easily manipulated by the Dark Lords and thus she joined them in the First Battle, encouraged by her brother's defection.

After the First Battle having been on the side of Death, she fled to The Void with her brother. However, she was not imprisoned there and is still able to visit the Celestial Court. She is associated especially with the Gods of the Hall of Mind. However Tanit is not depicted as being a member of the Hall, because the Hall's members are seen to govern virtues whereas envy is perceived as a flaw.


She is worshipped especially in Kakhabad. From the writings of an adventurer turned scholar whose knowledge of the Old World is deep it is known that the worship of Tanit pervades Kharé an society.[4] Her temples tend to be private houses, far more subtle than the worship of her brother. Her cult is female-only.[5] The portrayal of Tanit as a beautiful woman is accompanied by her wearing a macabre hat, veil and long black robes, with a wicked curved dagger held behind her back and a cruel smile on her lips. Her priestesses dress in robes to match their goddess. They are very subtle in carrying out the work of their Mistress. They put their plans into action by planting the seeds of doubt into the minds of husbands and wives and lovers in an effort to undo the work of Asrel and her followers.

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