PuzzleQuest Books
Location Gallantaria, Titan
Publication details
Author(s) Steve Jackson
Illustrator Steven Lavis
Oxford University Press / Puffin
Cover illustrator Steven Lavis
First published Workshop Productions:
No Wizard Reprint

Tantalon's Secret (also known as The Tasks of Tantalon - The Solution! following the front cover) was a pamphlet by Steve Jackson and published by Workshop Productions. It was produced in 1987 to provide a solution to The Tasks of Tantalon published two years earlier. The pamphlet had a red cover, with the same design as the main book, but with the words, "The Solution!" printed in the centre.




The original
Tasks of Tantalon, published in 1985 by Oxford University Press, is a fantasy novel-cum-puzzle book in which the reader is an adventuring hero in the sinister land of Gallantaria. after a devastating war which claimed the lives of Gallantaria's King and Queen, the country is being ruled by Tantalon, Grand Wizard of the Court. There is no heir to the throne and, as old age begins to take the sorcerer, a successor must be found. Tantalon decrees that his successor will be found through a challenging series of twelve Tasks.

The book itself offers no clues to help task-solvers. The solution to each Task is a number. If the numbers are added together, reader then must embark on a 'Runesearch' which will check if their total is correct, but this involves discovering the ultimate secret of the book; a clever technique which has never used before in publishing.

In response to the many readers who have written in asking for hints, Steve Jackson has prepared this booklet to take them through the Tasks in two stages. The majority of the booklet is a series of hints to enable readers to solve the Tasks for themselves. But on the last page, all solutions are given in full. With this booklet, would-be successors to the Gallantarian throne can check their answers and find out where they went wrong.

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Tantalon's Secret through the years
Workshop Productions
£1 (£2 for overseas orders)[2]

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  2. Tantalon's Secret - 2

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