Shadow Warrior
Taris Varen
skill 7
stamina 6
Attacks 1
Weapon Used by Weapon or Large Bite (see below)
Habitat Cleeve Manor, Ruddlestone
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Human
Reaction Friendly (see below)
Intelligence High

Taris Varen is a native and nobleman of Ruddlestone and a secondary antagonist in Knights of Doom.


As a Human, Taris Varen was a tall, handsome man in his forties with neatly trimmed black hair and beard.[1] When using his shapeshifting power, he appeared as a normal-sized raven.[2]

When hit by the effects of his disrupted transformation ability, Varen mutated into a hideous blending between man and raven, with his right arm being a raven's wing, his left leg a raven's leg, and with a large black beak in place of his mouth and nose.[3]


Lord Taris Varen was on the surface one of the most loyal subjects of Ruddlestone and its king, but deep inside he was an ambitious, greedy man who would willingly switch sides for his own gain - which he eventually did in favor of the resurrected evil warlord Belgaroth.[4] Along with Bryar and the Clerics of the Darkthorn, he became one of Belgaroth's chief agent in Ruddlestone, and in order to fulfill his duties more effectively, he was given the magical ability to change into a raven at will.[5] Henceforth, he became known as "the Raven", which was incidentally his personal family crest as well.[6]

Varen was at Belgaroth's side in his raven form when the Knight Templar sent by the Order of Telak to slay the undead warlord infiltrated Caer Skaal.[7] When Belgaroth was weakened in battle with the Templar, Varen sought to summon reinforcements to aid his master.[8] However, the Templar had since learned that Varis had turned traitor,[9] and therefore loudly revealed his true name. This act severely disrupted Belgaroth's enchantment, transforming Varen into a hideous chimera of man and raven. Consumed with rage, Varen attacked the Templar, but was swiftly slain.[10] In the end, his body was consumed when all of Caer Skaal was sucked into the Demonic Planes following Belgarth's destruction. [11]

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Varen as a raven by Belgaroth's side


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