Tasbadh was a faker who "plied his trade" around the village of Gebaan in Kallamehr province during the reign of Lady Carolina.

Although getting on in years and hardly the picture of vigour, Tasbadh had been heard to proclaim himself as the legendary "Keeper of the Fabled Fortune of Foraznak" and a "doer of many deeds, slayer of evil, and seeker of truths".[1] His typical trick was to feign great suffering as a result of a Death Spell cast on him by the "Dark Jester", a situation for which the only remedy was a visit to the Healer of Gebaan. If passers by were taken in by this fakery, he would request food and money, but not because there was something wrong with him - as quick as he could, he would flee the scene to spend his ill-gotten gains in The Purple Poignard tavern in Gebaan, where he was a regular drunkard.[2]

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