Race/Species Human
Gender Female

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Princess Royal Telessa of Arion is the daughter of King Jonthane of Arion.


As of the year 294 AC or thereabouts, Princess Telessa was still an adolescent. Despite her youth, however, her charm and beauty was already renowned across all of Khul. Her hair had the appearance of "fine spun gold shot through with russet light".[1]


When she had turned fifteen, Princess Telessa once rode out of the city with her friends for a picnic, but she and her friends were ambushed by the half-giant Otus (aided by the treacherous Baron den Snau), who kidnapped Telessa and slaughtered her friends, using their remains to leave a gruesome mesage for her parents.[2]

Telessa was held prisoner by Otus' master, Arachnos, in his dungeons under Deathmoor. When a hero sent to rescue her finally managed to penetrate Arachnos' defenses, the mad archsorcerer took the princess to await him, his dagger at the Princess' throat, in a mirrored chamber in order to taunt him with the sight of Telessa being killed slowly right before his eyes.[3] However, the hero saw through Arachnos' trickery and fired a crossbow bolt at him, slaying him and rescuing the Princess.[4]

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