Temple of Terror
ZX Spectrum 48k Screenshot
Developer Adventuresoft (UK) Ltd
Publisher(s) U.S. Gold Ltd
Designer Mike Woodroffe, Graham Lilley, Teoman Irmak
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum 48k; Commodore 64; Amstrad CPC; BBC Micro/Acorn Electron
Release Date 1987
Genre Adventure game
Media Tape (Compact audio cassette)
Floppy Disk
Book based on Temple of Terror

For other uses of Temple of Terror, see Temple of Terror (disambiguation)

Temple of Terror was the sixth Fighting Fantasy computer game to be published and was the second to be advertised as being developed by AdventureSoft and distributed by U.S. Gold.


Temple of Terror was released in 1987 following the 1986 release of Rebel Planet. AdventureSoft had bought the licence to develop the game in 1985 and had originally intended to release it in December 1986 under the brand "Fighting Fantasy Software", to be distributed by the name they were using under licence, "Adventure International (UK)". It was also going to precede the release of Rebel Planet.[1]. However, after the bankruptcy of the American firm Adventure International, AdventureSoft began to use their own name explicitly. They broke away from the "Fighting Fantasy Software" brand, engaged U.S. Gold as distributors, and placed their name on the products for the first time. At some point during 1986, they opted to release Rebel Planet first and they also opted to drop the development of Appointment with F.E.A.R. and Demons of the Deep, in favour of Sword of the Samurai.[2] Pushing Rebel Planet forward, pushed Temple of Terror back into 1987.



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  2. This is following an interpretation of a later advert placed in the December 1986 issue of Computer and Video Games (Issue 62, page 60) and the January 1987 issue of Sinclair User (Issue 58, page 90).

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