Temple to Sukh (Blacksand)

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A Temple to Sukh, the God of Storms, is located in the Temple District of Port Blacksand on the south-west corner of Temple Street and the Street of Knives.[1]

It is very important to appease the God of Storms in a maritime city. The temple is fashioned in the form of a huge boat with its sails full of winds. The mast is a narrow tower from the top of which an acolyte (the "Voice on the Wind") calls the faithful to prayer each evening. It is from this tower that the annual sacrifice is thrown into the arms of Sukh. Worshippers of Pangara find the appropriation of the symbol of the Wind as offensive. They would argue that Pangara sends the benevolent winds, and that Sukh's benevolence is only shown in the absence of his power. It is said that an ancient scroll sacred to the temple has been lost in the sewers.

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