Teriyakit is a village just off Salik's Way in central Zamarra.

It has a busy, bustling central market square and two taverns/inns, The Ferret's Claws and The Gannet's Nest.[1] Residents of the village include Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and Goblins.[2] A number of other characters of note are to be found in the village in 284AC:

  • A mysterious Boy Sorcerer who terrorises the residents of the village with hideous illusions (including one of a Fire Demon) and with a horrible creature under his command, the Thing.[3]
  • A number of Rogue Catchers whose mission is to capture wanted criminals for reward.[4]
  • A curious little creature, perhaps a cross between a Dwarf and a Man-Orc, who works in the tunnels beneath Teriyakit as a muck-shoveller. He wears an apron and cap, and carriers a shovel.[5]
  • A bald man, perhaps a Wazarri Monk, who possesses a Crystal Ball.[6]

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