Stylised self-portrait from BattleCards (US)

Terry Oakes is an artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in a number of Fighting Fantasy related publications including Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, Out of the Pit, Warlock Magazine, and other related publications.


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Cover Illustrator

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Interior Illustrator

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Additionally, Terry Oakes also supplied a colour plate for the A4 edition of Out of the Pit (Puffin, 1985).


Oakes also contributed artwork to the BattleCards series by Steve Jackson:

BattleCards by Terry Oakes
US Edition UK Edition
US No.US Name UK No. UK Name
7Terry Oakes48Terry Oakes
101Attack: Head; Defend: Head & Legs131Attack: Head; Defend: Head & Legs
102Attack: Body; Defend: Head & Arms132Attack: Body; Defend: Head & Arms
103Attack: Arms; Defend: Body & Arms133Attack: Arms; Defend: Body & Arms
104Attack: Legs; Defend: Head & Body134Attack: Legs; Defend: Head & Body
105Attack: Head; Defend: Body & Arms135Attack: Head; Defend: Body & Arms
106Attack: Body; Defend: Body & Legs136Attack: Body; Defend: Body & Legs
107Attack: Arms; Defend: Head & Legs137Attack: Arms; Defend: Head & Legs
108Attack: Legs; Defend: Arms & Legs138Attack: Legs; Defend: Arms & Legs
131Constantian Cutthroat127Constantian Cutthroat1
132Vangorian Knight64Vangorian Knight
133Secrets of Vangoria (1)49Dragonhide Shield
134Secrets of Vangoria (2)114Dwarvenforged Shield
135Secrets of Vangoria (3)21Bronze Shield
136Secrets of Vangoria (4)79Ironbark Shield
137Secrets of Vangoria (5)129Battleshield

  1. The Constantian Cutthroat card specified that the artist was Unknown. This was to facilitate a quest (Lord Magnoble's Quest), where the player had to find the five cards whose artist was identified by a question mark ("?"), rather than by name, and having found these cards, identify who the artist was. In the case of this card, it was Terry Oakes.

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