The Aleph

The Aleph
, also known as the "One Sphere", is an artifact featuring in Spectral Stalkers.


For all appearances, the Aleph looks much like a fist-sized, glowing glass sphere, not unlike a small crystal ball. However, it is no "standard" magical item or artefact, but rather an embodiment of all existence. It typically shows a number of everchanging images of strange worlds and areas.[1]

How exactly such a manifestation of cosmic power can assume a physical form is unknown, but the Aleph is well-known to certain sages and magicians whose knowledge spans part of the Macrocosmos.[2] However, evil or selfish beings of such ability also covet the Aleph for their own use, as it would give them the power to travel freely through the Macrocosmus and thus expand their base of power.[3] One such being was the Archmage Globus, the ruler of the Ziggurat World. He even summoned several Spectral Stalkers to slay the possessor of the Aleph and have it brought to him, but the Aleph's keeper managed to turn the tables against Globus, who was slain by the creatures he had enslaved.[4]


The Aleph enables its bearer to travel to nearly any part in the Macrocosmos, including through time,[5] space, alternate worlds,[6] and even rather bizzare settings and situations.[7] It works when its possessor (also known as the Bearer of the Aleph) gazes deeply into the images swirling inside the Aleph; the Aleph then appears to enlarge and engulf the Bearer, who is spirited away in the blink of an eye and then finds himself in another location as soon as the Aleph contracts again.[8] Unless the traveller has an exactly clue about his destination, however, his voyage can become a very random series of sudden arrivals in unexpected - and sometimes outright undesirable - situations.

Further NotesEdit

  • The Aleph is named after the Jorge Luis Borges short story "The Aleph", which describes a point in space that contains all other spaces at once.
  • Aleph is also the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (א Aleph), which also seems to have been used in naming Aleph Cygni, a star system featuring in The Rings of Kether.


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