The Dark Ones is a trio of evil Human Necromancers who had threatened Allansia centuries before even the War of the Wizards. They had been defeated two powerful Elven sorcerers, and their ashes scattered in the Moonstone Hills, with warding spells preventing the resurrection of the Dark Ones by the normal means of spilling blood.

A shaman evidently found a different way to resurrect the Dark Ones, which involved moving the villagers off the land. The shaman therefore hired an army of Orcs and Goblins to blighted the lands and kill the livestock of that specific part of the Moonstone Hills.

However, Arakor Nicodemus disguised himself as a Man-Orc and infiltrated the shaman’s camp to find out that the shaman was planning a ritual to resurrect The Dark Ones. Nicodemus accompanied the Shaman’s forces to the ritual site and, whilst the shaman was in the throes of the ritual, wailing in the tongue known as the Demon’s Voice, Nicodemus struck him down with a jagged-bladed sword, displaying combat prowess beyond his magical abilities. Nicodemus fled amongst a flurry of fireballs aimed at the Orc and Goblin horde, casting a purification spell over the ground to ensure that the Dark Ones couldn't be raised again.[1]

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