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The grouping is defined both in terms of the sequential numbering and more explicitly on Checklist 1-39 where the grouping title exists. The UK edition did have these same cards but they were not explicitly grouped. Cards in this group are set within The Darklands.

They were all illustrated by Iain McCaig.

The Darklands (US Edition BattleCards)
US Edition BattleCards
US No.US Name Artist
20Prince LionheartIain McCaig
21Warg the MightyIain McCaig
22Stagcastle Man-at-ArmsIain McCaig
23Lord of DarknessIain McCaig
24Sister of DarknessIain McCaig
25The BonescratcherIain McCaig
26Strangler ZombieIain McCaig
27Decayer ZombieIain McCaig
28The Dragon PrinceIain McCaig
29FirebreatherIain McCaig
30Lord of the FliesIain McCaig
31'King' DummIain McCaig
32Krudd & GorrIain McCaig
33Snargg the OgreIain McCaig
34Hill GoblinIain McCaig
35VerrancusIain McCaig
36The VenomessIain McCaig
37Stallion-ManIain McCaig
38River DevlinIain McCaig
39SpineslayerIain McCaig

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