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The Dead City is the name of a seemingly ancient and abandoned city on the eastern rim of the Scythera Desert.[1]

In 1962OT a party of five made up of sorcerers and warriors from Zagoula were those that eventually rediscovered the Dead City upon the River of Decay three days travel from the source of the river. It is an ancient city which had long laid abandoned in the sands of the desert even in the 1600s OT. Pyramids and diamonds dictated the strange forms of the buildings which indicated that its origins were from well before the dividing of the continents. Much of the city was inaccessible to beings less than three metres tall and everything was decorated with images of Fish and Octopi; strange for a desert city. There were no images of animals or plants that were native to the desert surroundings. The place was filled with a strange atmosphere. The largest building, a cathedral like structure was windowless. Within was decorated with statues and murals of writhing tentacled creatures devouring humans and other creatures. At the far end of the building was a massive sarcophagus. With the urging of voices which danced in their heads the adventurers pushed back the stone slab cover. It fell back, releasing a nightmarish creature with writhing tentacles and scaly hands. The "Beast of Chaos", "The Chaos-Spawn", the "Dead City Prisoner" was loosed. This fell creature was the Brain Slayer High King, Birel Brotherslayer. This seemed to be the catalyst for the Orcs and Goblins of the Mountains of the Giants abandoning any pretence of peace.

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