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The Fatted Pig is perhaps the most famous inn of Shazâar.


The Fatted Pig is located in the centre of the city of Shazâar.[1] It has dark green walls and blue timbers. The sign for the inn is a live sow suspended in a cage, hanging outside the inn.

Atmosphere and ClientèleEdit

Like many other such inns, The Fatted Pig has a wide range of clientèle with a good proportion of rogues and villains, merchants and mercenaries. It is said that a number of famous personages have visited this inn including:


There are unconfirmed reports that even the god Telak has partaken of Shazâarian Ale at The Fatted Pig.[2] Whether this is true or not, The Fatted Pig has benefited from the rumour with devotees of the god of courage travelling far and wide to pay homage to the site and drink in his honour.

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