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For other uses of The Forest of Doom, see The Forest of Doom

The Forest of Doom jigsaw was one of the two Fighting Fantasy Jigsaws released in 1984. It was advertised in issue 4 of Warlock and was made by Games Workshop.

The JigsawEdit

FOD Puzzle

The Forest of Doom jigsaw box cover

The jigsaw was made by Games Workshop and advertised as one of the "500 Pieces De Luxe Fantasy Puzzles".[1]

Its details were:

The artwork by Iain McCaig was the same as that featured on the book of the same name, The Forest of Doom.

Other Features MentionedEdit

  • Fighting Fantasy Artists
  • Thick green board pieces
  • Puzzle size 49cm x 36cm
  • Box size 34.3 cm x 25.3 cm

See AlsoEdit


  1. Warlock Issue 4 - p.2

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