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Location: TBA
References: 470
Publication Details
Author(s): Charlie Higson

Illustrator(s): Vlado Krizan
Wizard (Series 1)
Wizard (Series 2)
Cover illustrator: Robert M. Ball
First published: April 5 2018
Number 12
ISBN: ISBN 1-40718-630-2
Previous Book: The Shamutanti Hills
Next Book: TBA

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The Gates of Death is a single-player role-playing gamebook written by Charlie Higson, illustrated by TBA and originally published in 2018 by Scholastic Books. It forms part of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy series. It is the 12th in the Scholastic series (ISBN 1-40718-630-2).




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The Gates of Death through the years


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YOU: Hero of The Gates of Death



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  • At (105) you are asked if you are wearing a pair of magic boots, but you cannot possess one at this stage of the adventure, due to the fact you lost almost all your equipment before.
  • At (151) there is a six-pointed star symbol on Logaan's chest, on (132) it turns into a six-headed arrow.
  • At (171) you get a silver ring from Lady Webspinn as a marker item that you decided to go with her. However at this point you can still abandon her, keep the ring and continue on the main road, while she goes onwards into a small courtyard. If you later enter a different courtyard further down the road, due to the ring, she will suddenly be there, waiting for you.
  • At (200) you greet Lady Webspinn as an old acquaintance, even though there exists a route where you can avoid her completely.
  • After buying the adventurer's box From Sandford Swann, it is possible to turn it into a blue frog at (425). However, there is a check for the frog sooner, at (344). This suggests that the writer's intent was that you should be able to ask about the adventurer and then the adventurer's box after you've bought and destroyed the box (otherwise you would never be able to reach (304)). As an extension to this, you should also be able to ask about the box multiple times after you've bought it and opened it with the Icefinger Key the first time. Which means you should be able to buy the box multiple times as well.
  • At (384) if you choose to ask about the temple, you are tell to go to (234). The correct section is (440).
  • At (422) you may be in a situation where you can not choose one of the three given options. The possibility to go back to (406) needs to be added.
  • There is a loop that is causing multiple issues. The loop is the following: You get to the herder's track (either by fleeing from the Highwaymen, or not joining Lady Webspinn in Silverton). You enter the house. You refuse to help Fossick's daughter. You either flee from the house or fight (and subsequently kill) him. You steal his horse from the barn while it's still night (you can have a second chance of killing him). You decide to steer the horse to a direction of your own choosing. After all this you'll be back in Silverton.
    • If, at this point you decide not to go with Lady Webspinn, you get back to the herder's track, which will take you to Fossick's hut again, restarting the whole encounter. Even if you have already killed him.
    • You can witness Lady Webspinn's black coach preparing to leave Silverton in the morning over and over again, if you keep coming back with Fossick's horse.
    • Should you decide to join Lady Webspinn in the coach, she'll greet you as if she knew you, even though you can get here without meeting her previously.
  • (351) contains a short encounter with Logaan, where the Trickster God puts our pants on fire for lying about having 200 Gold Pieces. However there are two ways to get this much money without anything that can be considered cheating. On one hand the loop makes it possible to obtain 5 GP each time (you can get it from the Hay Thiever). With a high enough skill value, Fossick can easily be killed 40 times. On the other hand, buying the adventurer's box costs 10 GPs, but it contains 20 GPs, making it a nice money-maker.


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