The Horror
skill (Strike 12)
stamina (Strength 12)
Weapon Used Bite/Claw, large
Habitat Jungle
Number Encountered 1
Type Invertebrate/Arthropod/Myriapod
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

The Horror is a beast of enormous strength and ferocity dwelling in the jungle islands of the Southern Sea, south of the lands of the Inland Sea in southern Khul.

It is a huge creature with hundreds of tree-trunk-thick legs and has a body twice as long as a pirate ship.[1]

Further NotesEdit

  • The identification of The Horror as a Myriapod is conjectural, but fits well with its description.
  • Because of the large-scale battle combat used in Seas of Blood, Skill and Stamina values are not known for The Horror.

See AlsoEdit


  1. Seas of Blood - 42, 70, 110, 163

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