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Publication Details
Author(s) Oliver Johnson
Illustrator Leo Hartas
Publisher Dragon
Other Details
Cover illustrator Bruno Elettori
First published February 14 1985
Number 3
ISBN ISBN 0-583-30760-4


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The Lord of Shadow Keep is a single-player role-playing Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebook written by Oliver Johnson, illustrated by Leo Hartas and published in 1985 by the Dragon imprint of Grafton Books (ISBN 0-583-30760-4).



The land lies in the grip of fear. The king is helpless, withered and aged by evil magic. Arkayn Darkrobe, fell Lord of Shadow Keep, rules the country now with necromancy and vile cunning. You are the greatest of the Paladins. You journey through danger and darkness to face the Lord of Shadow Keep. If you cannot overcome his spells and slay him, all is lost!

Non-Appearance as a Fighting FantasyEdit

Lord of Shadow Keep was originally planned as the 11th or 12th in the FF series - something like that - and I was going to write it with Oliver Johnson. It was even advertised in the back of the Sorcery! books. Then Oliver decided to put it in the Golden Dragon series instead. Which would have been fine except that he didn't tell Philippa Dickinson, who was in charge of FF then.[1]

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