The Making and Casting of Dragonfire was a book written by the wizard Farrigo Di Maggio.


The book is concerned with the manipulation of Dragonfire by magical means, to combat evil Dragons. Sadly, Di Maggio did not live long enough to see his work reach the wider magical fraternity. He died within Firetop Mountain around 280AC.

Until only a few years ago, the book lay hidden in the bowels of dread Firetop Mountain. However, due to the exploits of a hero, this small leather-bound book was retrieved from its hiding place.[1] Subsequently, the Dragonfire Spell contained within was employed by the same hero against the Red Dragon which guarded the entrance to Zagor's inner sanctum.[2]


The book contains a spell that turns a Dragon's fire against the Dragon producing it. The incantation is:

Ekil Erif
Ekam Erif
Erif Erif
Di Maggio[3][4]

In effect, the fire stays within the maw of the Dragon, burning it continuously for approximately the same Damage it would normally inflict upon a target.[5] However, if the incantation is made when no fire-breathing Dragon is nearby, the spell will hit the caster instead and they will be likewise consumed by fire.[6]

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