The Malice

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The Malice is the diminished spirit of one of the Dark Lords which fled from the First Battle with seven of its servants, hiding itself within the roots of the mountains of what is now Gorak, before the beginning of the Time of Heroes.[1]

Origins and DistributionEdit

There it lay dormant until disturbed by the Gaddon people. It possessed the body of the great general Orghuz, brother of Tancred the Magnificent, and was imprisoned for almost 800 years before escaping once more. However, its presence on Titan was destroyed by Tancred's Heir and the release from a physical form displayed its presence to the gods who sent it to the Void to rejoin its fellow Lords of Evil. It was referred to as "The Evil One". Some believe that this force was that of a Demon of equivalent power to the Demon Princes, but there is stronger belief that The Malice was actually the diluted spirit of an unknown Dark Lord.


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