The Manticore

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For there creature Manticore, see Manticore

The Manticore was, like the Basilisk and the Gargoyle, a creature of the Dark Lords' making.[1]

Some say they made it in mockery of Logaan and Rogaar's creations. However, although this may have been part of the reason, it is likely that the mockery is a by-product of the Manticores creation and not a reason for it. It seems that the Manticore was created for the purposes of spreading terror and causing destruction.

It's modern day bearers of the name are not in fact descendants of this beast. They are a result of the experiments of an ancient magician who became so obsessed with the legend of the Manticore that he decided to try to recreate it on Titan. The power of these creatures, which are pale reflections of the original beast, is testimony to how awesome the original demi-deity must have been. They have wings of a Bat, the body of a Lion, the head of a man and the tail of a Scorpion and instil fear into those that lay eyes on them just as the legends say the Manticore did during the First Battle.

After causing mayhem in the First Battle it was eventually defeated by The Hunter but not before it had inflicted its terrible poison on this ancient hero.

The Manticore is remembered in the stars of the Southern Skies of Titan by the constellation of the same name.

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