The Monarch of Arion is the Kings and Queens of Arion who have all been monarchs of that land.[1]

However, when the people of Arion speak of "The Monarch of Arion" they are referring to the sovereign who put an end to the "Fell Sorceress" of Krill Garnash, Morgana, in the late third century AC. Morgana had sought to create an irresistible force over all living things by making masks of the twelve sigils, imbuing them with the power of mayhem and then fitting these masks to undead Golems.

The Monarch's perilous journey is sung about in many lays and tales. There are a number of versions of the whole epic tale, and many other shorter tales dealing with such adventures as the encounter with the Kraken, the finding of the ancient sceptre of Kings, and the tale of the Juja and Vashti. The Monarch of Arion, as well as being the champion of Arion, is also well respected by the heroic fraternity across Titan. In 281AC, having also killed Ifor Tynin, the treacherous court wizard, the Monarch's sibling became joint ruler of Arion. As King Jonthane and Queen Elegana, they ruled Arion wisely.

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