The Orc Champion was one of the original Orcs made by Hashak and corrupted by Death.

He was the most powerful and intelligent of his race, both at that time and since and was given virtual demi-god status by the Dark Forces as they prepared for the First Battle.

He is still revered today by the Orcs of Titan who worship him especially for his feats during the First Battle. During that terrible conflict he is most often associated with the partnership he had with Almor, the god of Wolves. It is said that Almor allowed him to ride on his back into battle and even when unseated he fought with Almor side by side.

An ancient Orcish legend tells the story of how the Orc Champion was defeated in battle. It stated that the only way in which the champion could be defeated was for Throff, Lorodil and Verlang to raise the very earth itself around him and imprison him in death. The Orcs believed that as this occurred the Orc Champion rose up his golden sword in defiance of the Gods. They had used their power to encase him in stone but in doing so they missed the tip of his outstretched sword. The legend stated that the site of this incarceration would be revealed by the fact that the tip of the golden sword could still be seen through the top of the rock surrounding the petrified Champion.

Thus when the Orcs first saw what we now know as Fangthane, as they chased Hangahar Goldseeker and his companions, they had found what they thought was the "tomb" of the Orc Champion. The golden summit of Fangthane being the tip of the Orc Champions golden sword. Despite the fact that the Dwarfs have made this their fortress home, Fangthane is still considered a holy site for the Orcs of Titan.

It is in the pose of defiance that the Orc Champion is depicted in the stars at the side of The Wolf. The tip of his golden sword being visible in the Northern skies while the rest of him can be seen in the Southern Skies of Titan.

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