The Realms of Shabak
Realms of Shabak
Commercial? No
URL Internet Archive record of
Registration required? No
Owner Hugh Eldred-Grigg
Created by Hugh Eldred-Grigg
Available language(s) English
Launched 2001
Current Status Closed (2003)

The Realms of Shabak was a Fighting Fantasy-orientated website run by Hugh Eldred-Grigg and launched in 2001. The site closed in 2003.


The introductory paragraph of the site read thus:

Greetings, weary traveler. Welcome to the Principality of Shabak. The Grand Vizier will endeavour to ensure that your stay is a profitable and interesting one. We do not recieve many visitors, for our nation is far from the other nations of Allansia and the journey is often a hostile one, but we hope that you will find our land welcoming. However, be warned - our land is not always a peaceful one, and there are as many dangers lurking within its borders as any other part of Allansia. Life is not always safe in Shabak, but it is never boring.

Main ContentsEdit

  • History section (linked with articles on Shabak at The Shrine of Hamaskis)
  • The "Out Of The Pit" section - detailing some of the creatures to be found within Shabak's borders complete with statistics and descriptions.
  • What is Shabak? section
  • Shabak Today section - with details on Shabak's culture, people and government.
  • Lands of Shabak

Here you will find a map of Shabak and its surrounding territories, including trade routes, terrain and major city, as well as some of the lands of Shabak's neighbours. Use the images below to link to information on the lands and cities of Shabak, and to see maps of Shabak and its position in Allansia.
  • Adventuring in Shabak[1]
    • MIDNIGHT DEEP - YOU are a young pupil of swordsmanship, cast into the cruel world with only your wits and your skills by the death of your mentor. Can revenge be sated, or will the perils of a nation torn by chaos and war triumph over justice? Only YOU can decide!
    • SHADOWS OF STEEL - The Courts of the Principality of Shabak are as dangerous as its mountains or forests. To uncover a plot by secret conspirators to overthrow the rightful rulers of Bakulan and Shabak will require skill, cunning and the favour of the Gods. Will YOU overcome these shadows, or will YOU succumb to the night?[2]
    • PLAINS OF PERIL - The third in the Shabak trilogy of Fighting Fantasy adventures.
  • Foreign Lands

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  1. These are fan written Fighting Fantasy adventures.
  2. There is a foreword to Shadows of Steel only.

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