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Location: Barrow of the Hunched King
References: 8
Publication details
Author(s): Graeme Davis
Illustrator(s): Trevor Hammond
First published: February 1986
Publication: Warlock (Issue 9)
Previous Module: The Tower of Hades
Next Module: Battle of Grey Rock
Published: N/A
Publication: N/A

The Ring of Seven Terrors is a multi-player role-playing module written by Graeme Davis and illustrated by Dave Pearson. It was published in 1986 in Warlock issue 9 by Games Workshop. It has not been reprinted since.



In the lands through which you have been travelling for the last few days, you have begun to hear of a series of legends about a long-dead ruler called the Hunched King. There are many stories, and the legend grows more lurid and self-contradictory the more you hear.

All the stories you have heard seem to agree on one thing – the Hunched King was a sorcerer of immense power, and he took a great treasure with him to his tomb, where he lies under the protection of ancient and terrible guardians.


The book in general follows the original rules set down in Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-Playing Game.

Equipment ListEdit

No requirements are set out here.


The illustrations were by Trevor Hammond. There were 7 full page (or equivalent) illustrations.

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  1. Warlock Issue 9 - p.21

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