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The Salamonis Gazette Issue 2
Location: Titan and various
Publication details
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Steve Jackson &
Ian Livingstone
Editor(s): David Holt
Simon Flynn (Icon Editor)
Tim Landucci (Desk Assistant)
Interior Illustrator(s): John Blanche, Mel Grant, Kevin Jenkins, Alan Langford, Martin McKenna, Russ Nicholson, Tim Sell, John Sibbick
Cover illustrator: Mel Grant
Publisher: Icon Books
Published: scheduled for mid-late 2004 but unpublished?

The Salamonis Gazette Issue 2 was the second issue of an on-going web-based magazine dedicated to Fighting Fantasy. Curiously, while the cover refers to issue as "Volume Two - Issue One" David Holt's editorial indicates that it is indeed the second issue of the webzine. It is not yet clear if this issue was ever published owing to the fact that only the first eleven pages have ever been seen. The official website notes under the news for February 2004 that:

The Adventurers' Guild area is now online and the new automated membership process operational. More exciting FF news, 2nd edition Salamonis Gazette and competitions.[1]

which suggests that the second issue was published that month. However, the editorial of the actual pages of the issue notes that "its almost a year since the last edition of the Salamonis Gazette and another year is before us"[2] indicating mid-late 2004 for a publication date, if indeed the webzine issue was ever published.


The cover was by Mel Grant and depicts a Skeleton as featured in the Deathtrap Dungeon adventure. This artwork was originally used for the cover of the reprint of that book.


Fighting Fantasy NewsEdit

The news section covers the forthcoming arrival of new books for 2005.

Gamebook PollsEdit

Some results from the online polls of the gamebooks at

Poster MapEdit

A two-page map spread of an area of Allansia from the Icefinger Mountains to the Desert of Skulls.

Further ContentsEdit

The contents page promises the following other content:

  • "Yaztromos's Scrolls"
  • An interview with Simon Flynn of Icon Books.
  • "The Undead" - a look at the undead in Fighting Fantasy
  • "One Step Beyond" - a history of the origins of Fighting Fantasy
  • "Out of the Pit" - monsters created by members of the forum
  • "Warlock's Quill" - readers letters
  • A new competition
  • Winner of the previous competition in issue 1
  • Six 25-50 paragraph mini adventures presented as winners of another competition
  • Fighting Fantasy CCG - new cards and rules



See AlsoEdit


  1. Fighting Fantasy News
  2. The Salamonis Gazette - Issue 2, p.3

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