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"The Serpent"
FF Serpent
skill 8
stamina 8
Preferred Weapon poisonous Bite (as Small Bite + special)
Race/Species Human

"The Serpent" is a super-villain from Appointment with F.E.A.R..


How "the Serpent" got his powers and assumed his villainous identity is unknown. However, he appears to be a bully and control freak who refuses to take no for an answer.

Lola Manche, his actress girlfriend, had recently left him, so "the Serpent" kidnapped her on-stage during a performance of the musical Rats in which she starred.[1] But the "Silver Crusader" happened to be in the audience, and after cornering "the Serpent" just as he attempted his getaway with Lola in his arms and a furious confrontation, "the Serpent" was surrendered to the police yet again.[2]


"The Serpent" is basically human, but in his exploits as a villain he wears a green-scaled serpent-like bodysuit. His chest is emblazoned with a snake head emblem, while a snake forms an "S" on the forehead section of his costume.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"The Serpent" has a poisonous bite which he will employ in hand-to-hand combat if given the chance. On a roll of 1-2 on one die, he has managed to bite his opponent. The venom is not fatal but makes the victim sluggish, resulting in the temporary loss of 1 skill point per successful bite.[3]

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