The Shocker
skill 9
stamina 13
Type Mollusc/Humanoid

The Shocker was an abomination created by Karam Gruul using the dark magic of Notura, but escaped him and took up residence in the sewers beneath Blackhaven.[1]

Origins and DistributionEdit


Much of it was almost etheric in nature, as it was stated to be a part of the blackness and terror that surrounded those who encountered it, but it was material enough to be killed. This part of it was reported as being mostly a gigantic eye and a huge mouth with clawed fingers as teeth, terrifying enough to scare most to death and severely weaken even the most stalwart of warriors. After its death, the Shocker's eye appeared to serve as a scrying pool, revealing all that it had seen in its blasphemous life to whoever looked into it, before that too dissolved with the rest of its body.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Other MediaEdit

Further NotesEdit

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