The Shrine of Hamaskis
Commercial? No
URL Internet Archive record of The Shrine of Hamaskis
Registration required? No
Owner Daniel Williams
Created by Daniel Williams
Available language(s) English
Launched March 7 2000
Current Status Closed (2010)

The Shrine of Hamaskis is a Fighting Fantasy-orientated website run by Daniel Williams and launched in 2000. It closed down in 2010.


The introductory paragraph of the site read thus:

Welcome to the Shrine of Hamaskis, the repository of all knowledge about the world of Titan, its history and inhabitants. Inside, you will find descriptions of locations, races, deities and magic, as well as details of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy Roleplaying Game, which was primarily intended for use in this world.

Main ContentsEdit

  • About the Shrine - unwritten
  • The High Priest - unwritten
  • Recent Developments - List of site modifications
  • Aims - unwritten
  • Titanorians - List of contributors to the site
  • Legal Statement - Copyright Disclaimer
  • Role-Playing - Introduction to Advanced Fighting Fantasy (incomplete)
  • History of Titan - Articles dealing with the history of Titan (incomplete)
  • Titan Atlas - Articles about locations in Titan (incomplete)
  • Titan Beastiary - Articles about the races, animals and monsters of Titan (incomplete)
  • Faces of Titan - Articles about the gods and famous figures of Titan (incomplete)
  • Source Material - Index detailing where information was obtained (incomplete)
  • Resources - Links to other sites
  • The Fighting Fantasy Webring -No longer exists (probably due to the confusion regarding webring moving to Yahoo and then being sold off again).
  • Fighting - being the now-abandoned website which was once the principal hub for all information about the books.
  • Fighting - being the natural successor to and the new central reference on the web for all aspects of the Fighting Fantasy series.
  • Yaztromo's Tales of Yore - being a collection of unorthodox gamebooks and other information featuring many of the characters and settings of Titan, but with several noticeable differences.
  • Advanced Fighting - being the most comprehensive and active website devoted to all aspects of the Fighting Fantasy experience.
  • GAMERS.COM - being an inventory of role-playing games and associated resources available on the web.
  • Roleplaying Games index - being a list of all role-playing games published either on paper or electronically.
  • Heroic Worlds by Lawrence Schick

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