The Sitting Prophet is a life-sized golden idol of a monk in quiet meditation, with a magical aura that kills any Evil person that comes too close.[1]

This was known by the wizard Credas, who dispatched Maior to fetch it for him, believing that there was still Evil within the son of the tyrant Bezenvial. However, this was proved to be false and Credas was merged with the idol by Maior.

The Kreehull of the southern jungles worshipped the Sitting Prophet, meaning that when it returned to them, animated by Credas and commanding them to march against the army of Feior, Maior's Evil twin, they did so with alacrity. It was destroyed by a Sturramak during the final battle between the armies of King Poo Ta - whose bloodline had been placed on the throne by Credas and his fellows after Bezenvial was overthrown - and those of Feior.

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