The Sounder of the Final Horn

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The Sounder of the Final Horn is in many ways similar to Death's Messenger.[1]

As the latter stepped forward to begin the First Battle with the sound of his unearthly horn so too did this character from legend signal the end of the battle with his. It is said that the Final Horn will be blown once more to signal the end of the world of Titan, but as to the circumstances of this ending the stories are vague.

Some have argued that the identity of the Sounder of the Final Horn is Atlan himself although the legends themselves do not make this clear.

His significance in The Tale of the First Battle is that the sounding of his horn symbolised not only the end of the First Battle but also the end of Godtime on Titan. As such he has his place among the stars and his constellation can be seen in the Southern Skies of Titan.

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