Spoiler Warning!!!: Plot and/or ending details of a Fighting Fantasy publication follow. Please DO NOT read this article if you do not want foreknowledge of this publication. Although the article below is based on canon, some of its content is considered extrapolation because it assumes a certain course of events through an adventure that has many possible routes. Finally, the use of "Hero" and other male- gender expressions pertaining to the subject in the article and/or title of the article is not intended to exclude the possibility that the hero was female.


The Torchbearer, also known as "The Hope of the Future", or "The One" was the hero of Fangs of Fury, a member of the Seventh Footsloggers regiment of the Zamarran military.[1]

In 284AC, Zamarra was beseiged by the armies of Ostragoth the Grim[2] and the Torchbearer volunteered for a secret mission, which tuned out to be reawakening the six Dragon Sentinels by reigniting the flame at the Furnace of the Fangs of Fury.[3]

The hero succeeded with the aid of the Wazarri, a religious sect which had prophesied the arrival of the Torchbearer.[4] The Dragon Sentinels destroyed the besieging army and the Torchbearer was rewarded with a jewelled bracelet, a white charger from the Wazarri and promotion to Commander-in-Chief of all the Zamarran forces.[5]

It is possible that the Torchbearer also took part in other books, either before or afterwards, as it is conceivable that he or she would eventually resign the military post in favour of a life of adventure.

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