The Unofficial Fighting Fantasy Forum!
Commercial? No
URL Internet Archive record of The Unofficial Fighting Fantasy Forums!
Type of site chat forum
Registration required? Yes (to post)
Owner Lefora
Created by Mat Cooper
Available language(s) English
Launched September 19 2009 (first post)
Current Status Closed (September 29 2013)

The Unofficial Fighting Fantasy Forum! is a Fighting Fantasy-orientated chat forum launched by Mat Cooper in 2009. Originally titled The Unofficial Fighting Fantasy Forums!, in the October of the same year it lost the "s" off the word "forums". It was closed in 2013.


The forum was launched in reaction to what was regarded as heavy-handed moderation on the official forum at the relaunched and rules restricting what could be discussed. While rules preventing the posting of links to downloadable pdf versions of Fighting Fantasy material, such as issues of the long out-of-print Warlock magazine, were understandable, rules preventing discussion of various fan web sites or other endeavours were seen as draconian.


The introductory paragraph of the forum reads thus:

This is a place for fans of Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone's seminal gamebook series to come together and share their FF experiences.
Whether you're here to discuss the books themselves, show off your drawing / writing prowess or share links to the many excellent community led sites out there, this is the place to do it!
Our site is open to all; please read the short and sensible forum rules before posting, and thank you for taking the time to visit our humble home on the web!

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