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The Warlock figure from an advert in White Dwarf 82

The Warlock is the eponymous fantastical physical manifestation of Warlock magazine. He is deemed to be the ultimate editor of the magazine with a ruthless streak. It seems that the only person who The Warlock was answerable to was the even more powerful Grand Wizard at Penguin, but this was only for the first five issues of the magazine, whilst Penguin Books were the publishers.

The Warlock's QuillEdit

This section of the magazine first appeared in issue 3 and was continuous until issue 13. This is with the exception of issue 10 where it still appeared but under the name Derek's Quill, with Derek the Troll supposedly taking over from the Warlock for that one issue. In this section, The Warlock addressed the letters of fans who had written in to the magazine, often with a blunt, sarcastic and deliberately overbearing tone.

Paint The Warlock Art Competition FigureEdit


The Warlock as painted by John Blanche from cover of issue 10

In issue 7 a competition was run to paint what you thought the eponymous Warlock of Warlock magazine looked like:

What do you think my friend the Warlock looks like? Is he a wizened old man whose terrifying powers are cloaked by the appearance of age and frailty? Or is he an imposing figure, enthroned in glory amidst his goblin minions? With much grumbling, the Warlock has grudgingly allowed me to organise this competition. So it's up to you to tell us what you think he looks like.

The creator of the winning entry was to receive the following:

  2. The winning entry will be sent to a renowned fantasy artist, who will reinterpret the picture for use on the cover of a forthcoming WARLOCK!
  3. The artwork will also be used as the basis for a SPECIAL EDITION FANTASY MINIATURE, sculpted and cast in metal by CITADEL MINIATURES and available – at some time in the mist-shrouded future – as a special offer only to Warlock readers!

The winner was Alexis Panayiotou, and his entry was converted into the cover of iIssue 10 by John Blanche. The entry was also converted into a Citadel Miniature and was available via an order form found in White Dwarf Issue 82[1]. It should be noted that this miniature is sometimes referred to as The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, however, The Warlock of Warlock magazine, and Zagor, the Warlock of Firetop Mountain, are not one in the same person.

Through these two media, we therefore know what the Warlock looks like.

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  1. Stuff of Legends - LE 15 - Chaos Amazonette and Warlock

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