The outspaced Shrine
Commercial? No
Owner Simon Osborne
Created by Simon Osborne
Available language(s) English
Launched 2001 (?)
Current Status Active Last updated June 2014

The outspaced Shrine is a gamebook-orientated website run by Simon Osborne and launched in 2001.


The introductory paragraph of the site reads thus:

Welcome to The outspaced Shrine, home of gamebook aficionado outspaced.



  • The Titannica Wiki - Other fans of the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan have set up a mammoth database of information: The Titannica! What's particularly good about this is that it is a wiki-based system, so fan can liaise and add their own articles to the site.
  • - Gamebooks are a major interest for me--and have been so for many years. Demian Katz's is a well-designed, user-friendly site containing much information about gamebooks--far more than most people will ever want to know!! If you have even a passing interest in gamebooks, I also suggest that you join Demian's Yahoo Gamebooks Mailing List (information for how to join can be found on Demian's website).

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