The Thieves' Guild is the most renowned of Port Blacksand's guilds.

In Blacksand, training of thieves begins early. Young thieves are recruited into gangs of pickpockets and learn their trade on the street. The best are signed up as apprentices, sealing the pact with a lifelong blood oath. For full membership they must complete a number of tests when in adulthood. Their graduation starts in the month of Dark.[1]

Each thief is bound to a Guildmaster who controls his thieves with the aid of his lieutenants. The Guildmaster, unbeknownst to most thieves, is not the head but one of a circle of five who serve to three Masters (at the moment, two men and a woman). They report to the shadowy Grand Master. It is said that even the Masters don't know her identity.

Promotion within the guild is archaic. One must kill the person above oneself, and not then be killed by their vengeful followers. The Guild does not tolerate lightly unlicensed thieves. Relations with Lord Varek Azzur are good with an agreement between the two to leave each other alone. There is no single guild building, but instead at least eight scattered around the The Noose. There are also unknown places where the different Master Thieves meet their faceless superiors who in turn reports to the real head of the guild somewhere else. The buildings look either abandoned or as though they are used for something else. Some can be entered only by the roof or via a tunnel. In these buildings apprentice thieves train, qualified thieves exchange information and plan jobs, fence stolen items or make equipment. The guild has its own written signs for communication.

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  1. The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook for Windsday the 19th of Dark, 285AC (p. 51) says "Graduation starts, Port Blacksand Thieves Guild". Whether it always starts on the 19th, the third Windsday, or by some other reckoning is not known.

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