Little is known of the Third Noble of Kharé at the time of the Sorcery! series, including his/her name.

It is rumoured that the Third Noble of Kharé is a Vampire, and has cursed Shinva, Fifth Noble of Kharé with the "living death".[1] As a Noble of Kharé, it might be the case that the Third Noble knows at least one line of the spell which unlocks the North Gate of Kharé.[2]

In the d20 VersionEdit

The Third Noble of Kharé is not mentioned in the d20 module, Kharé - Cityport of Traps. We learn that Shinva (erroneously called "Shivna" throughout) was slain by an undead creature as he made his way through the city at night. This undead creature then cursed Shinva's soul to eternal undeath.[3]

We also read that the nobles and governors of Kharé were murdered by the Assassins' Guild on the orders of Garin Alderay, but the fate of the Third Noble is not described.[4]

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