The Throben necromancer and the Zed spell.[2]

Mutant Meatballs concocted by an apothecary from Throben allied to a rebellious Prince of Brice.[3]

The Throben Necromancers' Guild and the Throben Doors.[4]

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Throben DoorsEdit

The interior reaches of Mampang are protected from intrusion by four Throben doors. Appearing as normal double doors they are in fact enchanted by the magic of the Throben Necromancers' Guild.[5] Each one bears a special protection against unauthorized entry, and each one requires a particular means of gaining entry through it.[6]

Outermost Throben DoorEdit

Inflicts poison tipped spikes upon would-be trespassers.[7] The poison is fast acting and deadly. The key to this door is held by the guards.[8]

Second Throben DoorEdit

Inflicts complete memory loss[9] upon those who don't know the password, "Alaralatanalara", which must be whispered to the keyhole. The secret to this door can be gained from Valignya.[10]

Third Throben DoorEdit

Creates an illusion of a fiery inferno. The inferno can only be passed through by those aware of its illusory nature, or else the fire proves fatal. Naggamanteh, the torture master, holds the secret to this door.[11]

Innermost Throben DoorEdit

Guarded by the Sleepless Ram,[12] and can only be opened by a special key held by Cartoum, the captain of the Archmage's guards.[13]

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