Domain Land / earth
Other Names Kerellim; Alishanka; Elluviel; Earth Mother.
Symbols Diamond
Parentage Titan and Glantanka
Spouses Hydana (1st); Filash (2nd).
Children By Hydana: Farigiss; Atlan; Aqualis.
By Filash: Lorodil; Verlang.
Siblings Galana; Hamaskis; Assamarra
Affiliations Celestial Court.
Significant Cults Dwarfs; Gallantarian cult of the Sisters of Time.
Priest Colours Silver
Holy Day 2nd Dark (3rd Skies in Darkness)[1]

Throff is the Earth goddess. So called because she created land.[2]


She is the daughter of Titan and the sister of Galana. Many scholars also believe her mother to be Glantanka and it is possible therefore that Assamarra and Hamaskis are her brothers.

It was Throff who originally found the magic earth from which the world was made. As such her father gave her the first choice as to what to create on Titan. Through her first marriage to Hydana, she bore the sons Aqualis, Farigiss and Atlan. However, after creating the oceans Hydana became so entranced by his realm that he retired there for great lengths of time. Having been deserted Throff was wooed by the attentions of the Fire god, Filash.

Through her second marriage to Filash she bore the sons Verlang and Lorodil. Thus Throff is the mother of five of the most powerful gods in the Celestial Court. This consolidates her central position within the Celestial Court. Above her is her father, the Lord of the Heavens, and her mother the Sun. Her first husband was Lord of the Oceans and her second is the Fire god. Four of her sons govern the Rivers, Snow, Volcanoes and Metallic Elements and her fifth is the Voice of the Gods on Titan. It almost goes without saying that Throff is considered one of the Greater Gods. She is also associated with Hashak, the Creator who was deemed one of her servants.


As well as creating the land on Titan she also created the Dwarfs who know her as "Kerellim" and worship her with a passion. She is also known as "Alishanka", "Elluviel" (to the Eves) and as "Earth Mother" in the north of the Old World (e.g. in Gallantaria where she is one of the primary focuses of prayer).


Sisters of Time and the Horned God

"Sisters of Time" is the name given to the past, present and future manifestations of the "Earth Mother", Throff. Throff is worshipped in this form in Northern Gallantaria. In this form she is associated ceremonially with "The Horned God".

In the legend of Throben, Alishanka is one of the six gods who created this mystical land to prevent the loss of the wisdom of magic after the First Battle. The people who were invested with magic by her were the She-Satyrs. It was the six gods who together brought about the existence of the Theomancer to unite the six peoples of Throben in this tale.


The priests of Throff will most often wear robes in her sacred colour Silver. Adventuring Priests of the goddess are most commonly Dwarfs. She herself is portrayed as a Bejewelled Female and her symbol is the Diamond.

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