Thyra Migurn
skill 10
stamina 12

Thyra Migurn is known as the Mistress of Sukh's Tower.[1]


Her elemental power manifests itself in lightning and there is a strong argument for believing that she is the goddess of Lightning itself. When she describes herself as the Mistress of Sukh's Tower some scholars have argued that the Tower she refers to is not an actual tower or mountain but Lightning itself. If this were the case then she would be the Mistress of Lightning (although, of course, subservient to the power of Sukh himself).


It is believed that the name she uses for the purposes of communicating with mortals (i.e. Thyra Migurn) is of Elven origin. She is a certainly a powerful servant of Sukh. Given that her true form is too much for mortals to fully comprehend it is almost certain that she is a goddess and not a mortal raised to the demi-god status. Many races inhabiting the areas surrounding the High Mountain Peaks of northern Allansia know of her and believe her to be one of the daughters of Sukh.


When she does wish to be seen by mortals in a comprehensible form her appearance is that of a tall woman in bright silver armour with long silver hair. She has a silver sword sheathed in lightning.


She is known to dislike Dwarfs and she hates Dark Elves. Adventurers should be most careful when in her presence because she has a legendary temper that is all too easy to ignite.

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