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The Time of Heroes is said in general terms to run from the end of the Godtime to the Splitting of Irritaria. However, this period of almost 1000 years is further subdivided. The Age of Darkness is when the races became used to the withdrawal of the gods. Then from around 400OT, when the true Time of Heroes began for its is only around this time that stories of people like Biriel Brotherslayer, Zergoul Whitelightning and King Harar emerge.[1]

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Titan's Timeline
Time of Clay Time of Naming Godtime
- 1 OT
Old Time
1OT - 1998OT
After Chaos
1AC - Present
Creation Time of Naming Pre-Golden Age Golden Age Gods
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Age of Darkness
1OT - 500 OT
Time of Heroes
500 OT - 1000 OT
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1000 OT - 1450 OT
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1450OT - 1690 OT
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1690OT - 1998 OT
Chaos Wars
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