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The Ting Ring is a magical artefact created by the Netherworld Sorcerers.



The Ting Ring

The Ting Ring was created by the mysterious Netherworld Sorcerers of the Cragrock Peaks, in the Northlands north of Gallantaria. It was imbued with great power but in appearance is a plain band.[1] Of their many creations, which it is believed include the Crown of Kings, the Ting Ring is considered their finest achievement.[1] The powerful Netherworld Sorcerers who are servants of Logaan and the Tricksters, for a reason only known to them, gave the ring to the nobles of Gallantaria.


The ring bestows abilities on its wearer which vary depending upon the circumstances. Amongst other things are the following documented powers: in battle it will protect its wearer from the effects of being hit; it will instil the ability to track game in a hunter; it can detect poison in a cup; and it can protect its wearer from the effects of foul undead creatures.[2] The ring also has the "chameleon-like power to blend in with its surroundings."[1] This last ability is said to be a typical Trickster joke.[2]

The Ring is StolenEdit

At some point in the early second century AC the ring was stolen by the necromancer Zarl, a denizen of Casper. Such is the power of the ring, that it was believed that Gallantaria would only be safe if the ring was presented to the custody of the court at Lendle. However, Zarl was never successfully confronted for the repossession of the ring, perhaps a testament to the power that it bestowed upon him. Upon his death the Ring did not surface, in part due to its ability to blend in with its surroundings, but also no doubt due to the efforts of Morphus the alchemist. Morphus had been bequeathed all of Zarl's possessions upon the necromancer's death. His power, no doubt augmented by the ring, was such that the residents of Casper feared him and none challenged him.[1]

The Ring is RetrievedEdit

In 179AC, Tantalon had set as one of his twelve tasks, the retrieval of the Ting Ring. The champion-to-be was advised by Fagorn the seer, to seek out Morphus, and for a couple of copper pieces, the Rat-catcher of Casper, Chagg led the champion-to-be to the laboratory. On being confronted, Morphus denied knowledge of the Ring.[1] However, knowing its secret, the champion-to-be located the ring in the laboratory and returned it to court.

The Ring NowEdit

The ring still resides in court, and appears to be bestowed on nobles for various causes. Several emergencies have been caused in recent memory by noblemen who thought they had lost the ring.[2]

The Ting Ring was lost on Fireday 22nd of Reaping in 199AC.[3]

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