Torrepani is a village in the Shamutanti Hills in Kakhabad, inhabited by Svinns.[2]

At the time of the events described in The Shamutanti Hills, the daughter of the village Chief Proseus "has been captured by a band of marauders and offered as a sacrifice to a powerful cave demon", where she is guarded by a Manticore.[3] It is said in Torrepani that "according to an ancient prophecy, a dreadful scourge will overrun the village if the chief's line ever ends", and since the Chief's daughter is his only child, "an air of depression" hangs over the village.[4] As a result, the Svinn of Torrepani are rather a desperate lot, and may become rather forceful in attempts to persuade visitors to the village to help them.[5]

The Svinn of Torrepani count among their number a healing-priest, who may be persuaded to "treat wounds, cure any diseases and lift curses".[6] Torrepani also has an inn, where a hot meal costs 3 GP and a bed for the night costs 5 GP.[7]

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