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The Tree of Life has roots that lie deep within the Dark Chasms.[1]

The tree is said to have been planted by Galana herself at the creation of Titan. Its roots go deep and if cut reform almost immediately. It is therefore almost impossible to kill. However, it can be poisoned by Evil, and was being so by the Malice of Orghuz until he was destroyed by Tancred's Heir.

It is a vessel for the spirit of life and should it be destroyed it would diminish the power of life within Titan. Although the extent to which it would do this is not known, it is thought that this tree has a powerful effect on the world immediately around it. So its destiny is tied closely with that of the Gaddon for instance and probably to the people of Gorak, although they are oblivious to it. The tree has a guardian, an ancient Gaddon man who is tied inextricably to the tree in mind, body and spirit. It has been said that when resting on its roots the old man almost becomes part of the tree. Gregory the Axeman, a Gaddon Man of noble descent is the servant of the guardian and his association with the Tree has extended his life considerably.

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