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The Tribesmen of the Flatlands are nomadic, horse-riding Humans who roam the vast Flatlands of northern Allansia.

They tend to live nowhere for long, as they hunt on horse-back, with bow and lasso, the Wild Horses of the plains and other, more deadly creatures.

The Tribesmen of the Flatlands are described as being "short, sallow-skinned people, with slanting eyes and coal-black hair", and it is possible that they share a common origin with other culturally and racially similar groups of Humans in the Old World and Khul (e.g. the Lendleland Barbarians and the Kazanid). Were the many tribes of the Flatlands ever to unite under a single leader they would doubtless become a serious threat to the more "civilised" lands beyond the plains, but local tribal loyalties mean that this is very unlikely to happen.[1]

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