skill 8-12
stamina 18
Type Reptile

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The larger relative of the Styracosaurus, the Triceratops[1] is far less aggressive than its little cousin, but remains very dangerous if approached during the mating season or if its nest is disturbed. They grow up to ten metres long and four metres high, and their instantly-recognisable horns are as long as swords.[2]

In the world beyond the Portal of Evil, during the time of Queen Anxis, ritual battle against a Triceratops allowed outsiders to carry the "Mark of the Spear" and be counted as one of the clan.

Real World EquivalentEdit

Triceratops was a large, herbivorous Predentate of the late Cretaceous Period. The Fighting Fantasy creatures are obviously based on this, although there are differences. The individual in Portal of Evil has claws rather than hooves.[3]

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