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The Trident of Skarlos is a weapon that was forged with long forgotten enchantments in the mountains far to the north from where the peoples of Neuberg originated. The head can be separated from the shaft.[1]

The Trident of Skarlos is named after its most famous bearer, although this weapon pre-dates Skarlos himself by some centuries. It is made entirely of a now unknown metal with a blue sheen, and every surface is covered with intricate engravings. The head of the weapon - three barbed points running together into a cylindrical shaft - is small and elegant; by contrast the handle is bulky and has asymmetrical protuberances, in spite of which it is easy to hold with one hand. The handle is its power source - and when the weapon becomes whole, the light given off by the separate parts fades rapidly. It delivers a bolt of energy as well as wounding in the normal way.

The trident was wielded by Skarlos with enormous effect at the Battle of Castle Hill before the Keep of Neuberg was built, for the enemy were mortally afraid of that spear. After the Southerners were defeated and fled, their unnatural allies were swallowed up by the ground on which they stood and the spear shaft went with them although the spearhead was rescued by a young Goblin. Three centuries later the trident was made whole again by a hero and used to destroy Xakhaz once and for all.

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