skill 8
stamina 5
Preferred Weapon Axe
Race/Species Dwarf

Trumble is a Dwarf from Mirewater who was involved in an attempt to seize the warhammer of King Gillibran Ironhelm III of Stonebridge.

His Eagle stole the warhammer from Stonebridge, but was killed by Death Hawks over Darkwood Forest, with the loss of the warhammer. As a result, Trumble went to Darkwood Forest himself in an effort to recover it.[1]

Trumble is probably typical of his home town of Mirewater in his hatred of Stonebridge and his unfriendliness to outsiders.[2] He is a hardy old fighter, dressed in an iron helmet and chain mail coat, and wielding an axe (Sk 8, St 5).[3]

See AlsoEdit


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