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The Twin Swords of Light are the swords forged long ago and given to the brothers Tancred and Orghuz by the Gaddon People as a token of their friendship.[1]

The gift was designed such that the brothers would be able to always see their way within the chasms and truly become allies of the Gaddon in their chasms. This was before Orghuz's downfall. The swords had many charms woven into them, one being that only heirs of the original wielders could use the swords to their full capacity. Tancred's sword was known as the "Shining Sword", and was used by the warrior known as Tancred's Heir to defeat Orghuz The Malice. Sadly the swords in their origin were meant to be drawn together in the hands of brothers-in-arms. However, the last time they were drawn together they were in the hands of mortal enemies.

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