Tyrannosaurus Rex
skill 15 (adult) 12 (young)
stamina 20 (adult) 12 (young)
Attacks 3
Habitat Jungle and Wilderness
Number Encountered 1
Type Reptile/Dinosaur
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

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The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the largest land carnivores on Titan.[1]

Its name means "King of the Tyrant Lizards" in a forgotten language, and it lives up to this reputation. Growing up to seven metres and sixteen metres in length, the T-Rex can outrun most creatures and will attack anything that it comes across.

The eggs of these Dinosaurs can fetch up to 1000 GP if they contain live young, but getting them to a potential buyer is extremely difficult, as they can weigh up to 250kg and are two metres across.

Real World EquivalentEdit

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a Therapod of the late Cretaceous Period. The Fighting Fantasy Tyrannosaurus Rex is obviously based on this, although there are differences. The individual illustrated in Portal of Evil has three fingers on its forepaws instead of two.[2]

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